Your Boost Out of Your Comfort Zone

I get it - you're overwhelmed with the anxiety of feeling stuck in living your days on repeat, wondering how to feel EXCITED about more than weekends and your next post-COVID vacation.

You want to make the impact you know you're capable of making in the world. Now's the time friend, this is your light to guide you into the world of self dicovery and out of that feeling of unfulfillment.

This journal workbook includes:

◆ Morning & Evening prompts to mind dump with intention

◆ Self-love prompts to boost the compassion and acceptence you have for yourself

◆ Dream prompts to unearth that fulfilled life you know you deserve

◆ Motivation prompts to smash your self sabatoge & help you TAKE ACTION

◆ Inspiration prompts to wake you up to the new possibilities or paths you may not see

Let's transform the way you see what you're capable of!

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